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Robots of Walmart

ercoerco Posts: 19,860
People of Walmart is funny, but searching on for "robot" yields 5,940 hits. Pretty amazing!


  • Yes, but unfortunately, is trying to be more like eBay or Amazon nowadays; lots of resellers through the site. I hate when Walmart shows up as a search result for an item because it makes me think a store carries the product, but no stores will have stock. If I filter your "robot" search to a local SuperWalmart near me, the results drop down to 94. Why not just use Amazon instead.... Filtering as "free pickup" (meaning it's a Walmart warehoused item) yields 1,563 items.

    A related question, doing a search for "robot" at Erco's house yields how many results??? 1,564?
  • ercoerco Posts: 19,860
    As always, right on all counts, Andrew!

    Except your robot count at my house may be a bit low. :)
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