Propeller ANSI / VT-100 Terminal with VGA and USB keyboard support

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This is a serial terminal add-on board designed for the RC2014 Z80 computer. It adds VGA video output as 80x25 text (720x400@70Hz) with ANSI / VT-100 terminal emulation, and USB keyboard input. Using a single Parallax Propeller microcontroller running at 80MHz.

Some images of the first prototype board:

board.jpg image3.jpg

Source code available from:

VGA driver from:

USB host driver from:

Have fun!


  • I spoke to the chap behind the RC2014, Semachthemonkey, at the Maker Fair in summer. Those boards are great. I'm lusting after a RC2014 Mini.

    That looks like a great addition to the RC2014 system.

  • TorTor Posts: 2,000
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    I must build one.
    But the 'official' variant is still geared towards BASIC, and not CP/M - there's someone with a setup for that though, but it's been a while since I last looked.
    This terminal board looks great. Very useful for sure.
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