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Hard to miss that QuickStarts are out of stock with promised availability on 4/19, and I just bought the last of the Propeller Minis today (six, I didn't act quick enough because I could have gotten 7 yesterday). What's the situation? We are using both of these products as the basis of somewhat critical industrial control modules. We don't need a lot of them or often, but sometimes we do need them kind of soon.


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  • Digikey show stocks of QuickStart & Propeller Mini

  • Just a gap in supply between production jobs. Occasionally we have lead times for these products but it's quite rare.
  • Ken -- thanks, just checking y'know.

    jmg -- thanks for the heads-up, I knew digikey carried the Quickstart but I didn't realize they also have minis. Good to know in a pinch.
  • Did you check your local Radio Shack for 30% off? :)
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  • Production Manager reports back that she'll have this under control tomorrow morning, so we should have these in stock shortly.
  • Great news, Ken. I anticipate using more QuickStarts and Minis in new designs due to a realignment in the other stuff available to me. This lot will be positioning the filling lance for some drumfillers. You know, it would be really cool if we could get something about the size of the Mini that had some way of getting the rest of the I/O broken out, even if that required some kind of non-breadboard compatible funky header or patch cable. These will be controlling 16 opto-22's, a bidirectional serial interface to the mothership, and a status LED. Here in Louisiana we call the status LED lagniappe.
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    The new Propeller FLiP module #32123 has all the I/O's available on a 40way header.

    Ken posted some pics around here somewhere. Might be just what your looking for.
  • For the QuickStart we're waiting on some components that had an excessive lead time. These parts are due to arrive tomorrow and we should have the QuickStarts back in stock on Friday.
  • localroger: There are other options for small boards, see this thread, but unfortunately, I think the Propeller Mini is the only one that is readily available. The new flip module will be good once it is released, but I haven't seen a date set.

    V2 of my M44D40+ would be perfect, but I haven't sent the design to fab yet. It adds µSD, 5v LDO, 3.3v LDO, and DC jack/Power Terminal. Since I still have about 400 fabs left for V1 of my M44D40+, I also thought of just making an add-on board that provides the extras and some additional connectivity options, but it has been low priority for me.
  • I have tried searching both the forums and the home site but I can't find any information on the FLIP module. Sounds potentially useful, but being 40-pin might have been a problem with this design because it's straddling the 40 pin header connector at the end of a 16-module OPTO-22 breakout board, replacing the IIC interface of the old PCF8574 based daughterboard. Fortunately I have just enough I/O for this application on the Mini.
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    localroger wrote: »
    I have tried searching both the forums and the home site but I can't find any information on the FLIP module.

    Some images went past in the forums, with pinouts.
    Here :

  • Thanks for the link jmg, that looks useful. I'll have to keep an eye out for it.
  • Hey Dave, that propblade2 is almost exactly what I was asking for. Too bad Cluso's site seems to be a bit of a hot mess right now and it doesn't have an active page.
  • Cluso just posted about his modules on this thread and that he just did some updates.
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    Some of my older website links are broken, caused by me reworking my website with Wordpress while keeping the old site online. Just go to the home page and you will find my P8XBLADE2 listed.
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