problem Missing blockly programs ??

When I logged into Blockly and tried to go to my project "ABOT_TVRemote" located at:

I got to the project details screen, but when I clicked on "view project code" the workspace was blank. I clicked on the show code button & there was no code.

Is there anyway to get the code back?



  • I went here without logging in and can see some code:
  • Yep, it's there but maybe not in your view for some reason. Do you want me to download the blocks file so you can put it back into a project?
  • Ken,
    Some times it shows up; other times it doesn't?? Is there a new version of the BlocklyProp client that I should use? Mine is v0.5.0

    I'll let you know if I need the blocks file.
  • Hmm. A few thoughts:

    - is your internet connection fast?
    - are you using something other than Chrome? All browsers work, but I think Chrome is highly reliable
    - save a copy of the svg file (Download it - hamburger menu).

    Ken Gracey
  • Something that may or may not help, and a why it's happening -

    When we update the system, if your browser is caching files (which it normally does to make your browsing experience faster) some old code gets mixed with new code and things just don't work right.
    The best fix we have found so far is to do a force-refresh (CTRL-SHIFT-R or CMD-SHIFT-R).

    We know how to stop this from happening, but the fix will take us some time to implement. In the meantime, I hope that helps,
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