motor controlled with HB-25 stop working

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I start work on controlling the motor of my robot with HB-25 and the issue come up. I use myRIO (NI hardware with RT and FPGA) to control motor and read encoder back. I use motor in this link I completed the module to send PMW to control the motors and tested. Both of motors run as expected. Then while I start work on encoder, some how motor stop running. Since this is FPGA, I cannot find any reason why the module to control motor stop working. The LED next to power input has green color.

Could you please give me some hint to debug the issue?

Thang Nguyen


  • This sure sounds like a FPGA programming question.

    Can you revert to the original code to make sure the HB-25 is still working?

    Do you have a microcontroller you could use to test the HB-25 and motors?
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    Thanks for your help. I found the issue. I didn't follow instruction in datasheet correctly. I have to power up the FPGA module and run it before power up the HB-25, the key is not just power up. :)
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