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    @Lab Rat

    Follow a standard procedure:

    1. Make sure that there is sufficient battery voltage available. Even better, connect to a suitable power supply.
    2. Make sure that the BS2 is receiving adequate 5V
    3. Make sure that your programming connection (USB or serial) is correctly hooked up.
    4. Try downloading a simple program to your BS2 that consists of a DEBUG "Hello World!", CR
    5. Test each output pin with a pair of LEDs (one for source, one for sink).

    If it passes all these tests, your BS2 is good.
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    Somebody said...
    SOON TO COME: I2C and SPI defined...

    SOON has come come and gone, but I would still love a good read up on this subject.

    "A complex design is the sign of an inferior designer."
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