Robotics Competitions???

J. A. StreichJ. A. Streich Posts: 158
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Anyone know of any robotics compitions of good reputation in the midwest (preferably Wisconsin).? I've googled quite a bit, but to no avail.

Thanks for any help in advance.


  • MatthewMatthew Posts: 200
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    Seems like the FIRST competition is the most popular. You are talking about high school competitions, right? I read somewhere that MIT sometimes approaches the high placing teams. I'm currently looking into this competition and will try and form a team for next year.
  • J. A. StreichJ. A. Streich Posts: 158
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    College level... FIRST is highschool only.
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    Carnegie-Mellon in Pittsburgh has one each year. I know it's in the wrong place, but you may find links to other competitions.
  • J. A. StreichJ. A. Streich Posts: 158
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    I recently joined my Uni's student chapter of IEEE-CS and they have an abandon robotics project. Last meeting I and a few other people took intrest in the project and want to make something of it (at the moment, we have the resources but no direction) and I thought that some kind of compition would give focus to the project. I was thinking about maze solving, line walking or sumo would be best -- because combat would be very expensive.

    The main reason my personal BOE bot hasn't progressed is lack of matrials, but the orginization's bot has the matrials -- just not focus and/or people... So, we want to change that. Any ideas and suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Not in Wisconsin, but... within a few states ;-)

    Easter Canadian Robot Games, Toronto, Ontario, Canada,
    Chicago Area Robot Club, Aurora, IL,
    Central Illinois Robotics Club, Peoria, IL,
    Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH, annual public "Easter Egg hunt" competition,

    I think the first three·contests·either just happened or are happening this weekend... not sure when the Egg Hunt occurs.

  • ReVeRsEReVeRsE Posts: 6
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    I would like to know the shape of robots in small-league
    If they have something to grab the ball, ect...
  • David M. H.David M. H. Posts: 2
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    Have you heard of Servo magazine? They have a listing each month of coming events for robots all around the country. Servo is a new magazine devoted to robotic enthusiasts, amatuer and professional. Another magazine that has been doing a lot of writing on BASIC Stamps and robotics for a number of years has been Nuts&Volts. A lot of BASIC Stamp articles were writen there. So many in fact they have published 4 books of past articles. Last year they spun off their new magazine, Servo to keep up with robotics without crowding out their other articles. Both Nuts&Volts and Servo can be found on the web.
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