Communicating with BS2 using Hyperterminal V5.1

Has anyone successfully used Hyperterminal version 5.1 to communicate with a BS2?·

I have set the com port and baud settings as required but I cannot get any data through.· I have used older versions of hyperterminal with no problems before so I am not sure what the problem is.

Please help.




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    I use version 5.1. Attached is a configuration file I use to capture DEBUG output with Hyperterminal.

    Jon Williams
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    I have used Hyperterminal extensively to capture Stamp readouts to Excel.

    It works extremely well with data logging since Excel can handle up to 60,000 entries.· If I can help you please contact me off-line.

    Sid Weaver
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    On serial port, DTR signal connect with reset pin that BS2 always reset state..

    You can modify by added two capacitor 0.1uF on pin3 of BS2
    as new Parallax BOE do..
    first capacitor series between pin3(BS2) with DTR(pin4 of DB-9 RS232)
    another capacitor connect to pin3(BS2) to GND
    they cause pulse on reset pin..

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