Please help: PIN definition on THIS STAMP 1

please help me,
I cannot find the pin defintion on this stamp 1 chip,
I have just got 5 such stamps which can do good work for me,
but nowhere the pins are defined - to be sure:

many thanks from Germany


  • once more the same image:
  • Are you sure that's a Basic Stamp. I do not see an interpreter chip or EEPROM. Who was the supplier?
  • Could you post a photo of the other side of the board? Might be some more clues...
  • SchwippSchwipp Posts: 5
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    The supplier was Wilke Technology in Germany,
    but they don't answer my email questions.
    I used lots of their stamp products 25 years ago, now I have a simple application for it again.

  • Peter JakackiPeter Jakacki Posts: 9,940
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    Well obviously this is not a Parallax product, this is Wilke Technology's BASIC-Knopf which may have knocked off Parallax Stamp Basic.
    So much for their support then, clearly nothing like Parallax!
    Pinouts on such a simple PCB are easy to work out. Just continuity check the PIC chip's pins to the module's pins while checking the datasheet of the PIC chip itself. There you have it.

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  • SchwippSchwipp Posts: 5
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    Helo Peter,
    thanksa lot.
    I did not know this.
    Do you think Wilke used the original Parallax chip loaded already with the interpreter software?
    best wishes Schwipp
    I phoned Wilke and asked for basic- "KNOPF" - Knopf is the keyword which I did not remember.
    They send my this, so many thanks for your advice!!

    Problem of the PIN definition of Wilke Basic Stamp1 KNOPF Briefmarke solved,
    I used a multimeter and checked the wiring,
    together with the Pin defition of PIC16C56 given in a schematic attached by Peter Jakacki above:

    PIN 11 of Wilke Basic Stamp1 "Knopf" = RA3 = PC Busy = PIN 1 of 3-PIN-SIP-Socket of Parallax "Basic Stamp 1 Serial Adapter", bidirectional
    PIN 12 of Wilke Basic Stamp1 "Knopf" = ToCkI (To Clock Input?) = PC Data = PIN 2 of 3-PIN-SIP-Socket , only sends data to stamp
    PIN 7 of Wilke Basic Stamp1 "Knopf" = Ground = PIN 3 of 3-PIN-SIP-Socket
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