Miniature Reflow Oven... New Photo Added 09/19/20: "A Little Perspective" :)



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    Please accept my apologies for abandoning this thread so abruptly. It seems that I have had several threads like that lately, bouncing from idea to idea.

    Everything was going well for a while, until I put a nasty gouge in my tubing, which put a big dampener in my enthusiasm. I have put that project, along with several others on the back burner. I still intend to move forward with it, but for the last several weeks, I have been concentrating my efforts on the project which has the best potential of earning money.
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    Well I now have a convection oven that the temperature control does not work correctly anymore so now I have something to work with ( I bought a new convection oven to replace this one )

    But I have a very important question to ask is what type of temperature controller ( and what probe ) should I use for best results

    My budget is not more than $100.00 for this temperature controller please post link to recommendation would really be appreciated (I would prefer something that is not real difficult to program )
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