load on dif pins

i have a prop quickstart acting as a terminal...and a propdip acting as a cnc controller....can i load the propdip from the quickstart? it doesnt like pins 30 31 im assuming ftdi is in way


  • would loading femtobasic on the propdip...and at boot time of the propdip i could download the new .bin...and then execute yes...no?
  • so i was able to send the .bin file to the slave propellor...and then back to the original

    i did checksums of the transmit and recieve...they look good

    7 lines of code...also the pst tho

    now...where do i put the first byte in ram..and then after that...what do i call?

    any hints?

  • First of all, welcome to the forum.

    There is some code from Chip in the OBEX to load one P1 from another one.But you are right that the FTDI chip on pins 31/32 is in your way.

    I am not really sure what you mean by PropDip, but you could

    A) remove/cut traces and free the 2 pins. (Maybe add jumpers to reconnect).

    B) add a SD card and write some bootloader into the eeprom to fetch a binary from SD.

    C) keep the propdip in reset and program its eeprom from the Quickstart.

    Basically the P1 needs the binary loaded at hub address 0 and then it needs to start COG 0 with the spin interpreter.

    The build in ROM does that after reset.

    There is also a SD driver in the OBEX (KYE';s Fat_Engine) able to load a binary and run it, So you might be able to look at that code to write your own starter program.

    So lots of ways to skin the cat...


  • cool...thats one bit of information of use....put it at hub address 0

    im modifying the serial terminal recieve pasm to thrw it there as it gets it from the other propellor...i dont think i can run spin in cog 0 while pushing the .bin to hub address 0

    then i will already be in pasm....should be able to use some code from sphinx and femto to boot the spin interpolator

    i think
  • yes, you can. The trick is to use PASM in one COG to load your Program into the HUB starting at address 0. Then you need to coginit the interpreter witch sits in ROM, Just steal the code from Fempto/Shpinx/Kyes Fat_Engine and you are good to go.


  • Check out my Prop OS (link in my signature).

    In this there is an EEPROM bootloader from SD. There is also code to load hub and boot spin but you will need to look for the section. I use a modified version of Kye's SD driver in this.
  • thanks guys...
    i was able to accomplish this! this seems like something that could be helpfull to many people.....once i clean it up a little i will add it to obex

    so...i am using pins 6-7 on a PROPELLOR QUICKSTART to load a program into ram of a PROPELLOR FLIP 40 PIN DIP on pins 0-1

    the quickstart contans my CNC terminal...keyboard ..esp8266

    the dip contains the movement control for the CNC

    bye bye ms and linux
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