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Issue implementing Propeller 1 on FPGA (DE2-115)

Hello All,

I am stuck on my project. I want to implement the Propeller 1 on my DE2-115 FPGA development board.

These are the instructions for the FPGA board I bought:

And these are the design files for the propeller:

On page 6, when I try to program the board with the P8X32A_DE2_115.pof file, Quartus returns "Error: Device EPCQ64 is not supported." I am new and don't know how to approach this problem. I did some reading on EPCQ64 and EPCS64 but quickly got lost in the weeds.

Here is a video of the error occurring (may skip to 2:00 for the error):

I am on:
Windows 10
Quartus II 10.0 Web Edition
FPGA: DE2-115 Cyclone IV EP4CE115F29C7N

Any advice?

Thank you,


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  • Heater.Heater. Posts: 20,919
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    Hmm... A couple of days ago I installed Quartus Prime 18.0.0

    Looking in the New Project Wizard now I don't see the Cyclone IV EP4CE115F29C7N listed as an option. The nearest thing is Cyclone IV EP4CE115F29C7.

    I have no idea what that "N" suffix indicates but I notice many other options listed have an "L" suffix. Where are the "N"s or whatever else?

    Did Intel remove support for a bunch of devices in the free version of Quartus?

    Heck, what does the NE0-nano use? That is the only FPGA board I have. If they have removed support for that I have to say good bye to the board and Intel.

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