Simple IDE bug?

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I have recently purchased a MAC and am using simple IDE for programming currently a Propeller Flip. I have noticed that if I edit my code once, the Flip programs ok. Usually if I edit code a second time and reprogram the Flip, things function ok. If I edit code a third time, code will compile ok, but Simple IDE can't find a port and will give me an error message. If I log out of Simple IDE and restart, I get another 2 attempts. Any ideas? One other clue is that when it gives me the error, the last code I edited is highlighted yellow.
The Propeller is like cool and stuff..... uhhh.....huh huh.


  • I'm afraid this is a recurring problem with Macs. Mac OS Sierra and higher have made some changes to USB drivers that can conflict with other USB drivers. Simple IDE is subject to this problem. I wish that Parallax would find an official resolution for this problem, but the Mac USB drivers are not a problem for just the Propeller.

    You can see a few threads on the topic if you do a quick search. Here is a thread I made recently:
    There are some links to other threads discussing the topic in that thread. I believe this issue is also discussed on the Propeller IDE thread.
  • Thanks, Im glad it isn't just me.
    The Propeller is like cool and stuff..... uhhh.....huh huh.
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