BASIC Stamp2 SX DIP (Interpreter Chip)



  • Thanks Genetix

    'would double-check just to be sure'

    Will do.

  • Thanks Mike

    'BS2sx and BS2 modules'

    Put modules out of your mind.These are DIP versions.

    Hardcore experimenter's use breadboards.Then PCB's.

    ' They're not strictly program compatible'

    Be awhile before we get to that point.

  • Now.Why the two are pin compatible.

    PIC16F57 and Ubicom SC28 are pin compatible.

    Stamp 2 DIP is made from 57 and Stamp 2SX is made from SX28.

    Why it was not registering with me was because of size of DIP's.

    Here's picture of BS2.It is the old 600 ml wide 28 pin package.

    Microchip pulled the plug on that in future 28 pin PIC's.

    They were 'skinny' or conventional width 28 pin's like the SX28 from then on.

    40 pins are 600 ml wide though.

    300 x 300 - 50K
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    After seeing the Stamp 1 schematic and different boards for it schematics.

    THAT is the one to breadboard and test first!

    Then will build up the other two (Stamp 2 and Stamp 2SX) in order of complexity.

    Project is moving along pretty well.
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    Bottom line is Parallax HAS the schematic for Stamp 1 DIP on one of their boards and what they call OEM Stamp 1.

    The funny stamd up SIPP PCB's.

    Call support and if they can't find it ask them to ask Andy Lindsay where it is.

    He has been filling in for Miguel who is on vaction.

    Old Andy is big fun to talk to.

    Thank you Andy.
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