VGA driver & app for BLOCKLY PROP

Perusing the forums and on-line, I did not find anything on using a VGA driver with BLOCKLY PROP. Has anyone tried this, is there an OBEX somewhere that I missed? Barring that, is there a work around that I can try that will allow me to use VGA functions in a BLOCKLY program?


  • No VGA drivers that I know of. Most are simple serial protocols. I have not heard of anyone working on VGA.

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    Seeing that Tachyon has VGA built-in along with FAT32 and all kinds of device drivers and ping/sensors/RTC/keypads/displays/pwm etc in a standard Prop, it is a shame that Blocky doesn't compile to Tachyon source code. It would open up a whole new world for the P1 and Blockly as to what could be done with very little effort. I mean Block code that says "12 HIGH" or "12 LOW" is actually what the source looks like in Tachyon but pause(1000) is actually "1 s" or "1000 ms" :)

    Actually you can even type "#PIN12 LOW" and that works too
  • I believe it may be possible to apply for a new block. Chip or someone else said that the C code would need to be submitted as well, so you would have to find a C language VGA driver to submit as block code(or write your own!).
  • It's entirely possible because we have this as a starting point

    Please go to and submit a request. We're making monthly BlocklyProp updates this summer.

    Ken Gracey
  • This is on my wish list, but I was hoping to go beyond what's in the c library for VGA...if I knew enough about PASM/SPIN to make the c VGA library awesomer...

    Anyone want to take that on? Even if it was low res - it would be great if I could get pixel-level access to the VGA/NTSC stuff, because then I could easily make OLED-like blocks for them.
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