Can anyone recommend an online USA supplier for round abs sheets ?

I like very much the Arlo KIT, so i got inspired ... and I would like to build a smaller 2WD bot 12-14" diameter.

I found a few suppliers for square abs sheets, but no round cuts.

Any tips will be appreciated :)



  • What kind of tools do you have? Saber saw? Jig saw? Band saw? Disk sander?

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  • Another option for cutting ABS is a heated wire. You can buy nichrome wire online and make a simple cutting jig. Do it in a well ventilated area as the fumes are a bit toxic.
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  • PS - check out the housewares section of your local department or dollar stores. I have seen round cutting boards about the size you are looking for there.
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    As I recall, the Arlso uses HDPE not ABS. The HDPE easier to work with. HDPE is the same as what's used in the cutting boards Kwinn suggests, so that's a good place to start, though these can be much thicker than you need.

    Cutting out circles is pretty easy if you have most any stationary motorized tool like a router table. Cut a 12" square piece, find the center, and drill a hole. Use the hole as a center for mounting the piece 6" away from the cutting bit/blade. Slowly turn the plastic into the tool.
  • @Phil:
    Tools: SimpleIde and Visual Studio :) I live in an apartment without a man cave... so no heavy tools although I have small and cheap jig saw.

    The ABS plates are 0.19" (5mm) tick otherwise they will bend easily, do you think hand tools can do the job ?
  • Here's about what you need ready made; 12" diameter by .2" You'll need to drill to mount the motors. For HDPE this thickness should be okay. For that matter 5mm thick ABS 12" diameter should not bend "easily" unless you're the Incredible Hulk.
  • Easy, buy a square sheet, a bit bigger than the round one you need. Then keep cutting the corners off it until it is round!

    Me, I'm old school, I'd start with a pair of compasess to scribe a circle. A hacksaw/fret saw to get it as round as possible. Clean it up with a file and sandpaper.

  • @Gordon:
    Kitchen Round shape is a good start. I hope to get the discount price :)

    sometime ago i tried to modeling a tick abs sheet, i used hand saw and a file, after spending some time, it was a big mess... maybe is me i'm not used to work with hardware tools :)

  • ptiago,

    Try an arts and crafts store but be prepared for sticker shock.
  • Where are you?

    If you happen to be in California somebody like Tap Plastics would be glad to cut a round sheet for you, for a small fee.

    I was amazed to find they have a store that can do that, right in the middle of the main street of Mountain View, which is otherwise nothing but bars and restaurants. But hey, those bars and restaurants need plastic signs and such.

    There must be similar businesses the world over.

  • New Jersey.

    Thanks, I'll contact them.

    Impressive numbers: 20 stores: 15 in CA !
  • Nothing wrong with plywood:

    Right, erco?

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  • Heater. wrote: »
    Where are you?

    There must be similar businesses the world over.

    Got one just down the street. Use them all the time.
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    Tap Plastics, the most interesting store I found in California, during my long summer time visit there last year.

    Second was "Mr Metric" in San Jose, the only place I could find metric nuts and bolts in a hurry.

    Edit: By the way, how come it is so hard to buy silicon in "Silicon Valley" ?

  • Nothing wrong with plywood:

    Right, erco?



    The 1/4" thick sheets of sub floor plywood would make great robotics platforms. Put on a coat of varnish or lacquer and you would have a pretty spiffy bot.
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  • Check out Acrylic Designs in Phoenix, Az. They have been in tech for a long time. I have used them on occasion for some stuff, and they have some pretty impressive work on display.
    A link:

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  • Boy, that reminds me. As a kid I use to fish out offcuts or perspex from the skip (dumpster) out the back of a plastic sign shop in my hometown. Then I'd cheekily ask them to cut it to size for my project boxes. Which they did, for free!

    I thought about that when in Tap Plastics, Mountain View. They have a stack of offcuts in the store, but they want dollars for them...

  • Don't forget about LaserCut MDF as well:

    I know a few people that use kitchen cutting boards for all of their robot platforms because they don't easy access to heavy tools. I frequent Tap Plastics for most of my acrylic needs. I also source material from McMaster and InterState Plastics.
  • I'd think a service like Ponoko might do well here. Design the frame with all the cutouts, etc you need and have the laser cut parts delivered. Price might be tricky, but the file upload/quote is quick.
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    Yeah, Ponoko and other quick-turn suppliers might be a way to go. Hate their Web site, though. Folks ought to be able to browse more without having to sign up.
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    Late to this party!

    Yep, plywood is good, you KNOW I'm a fan. For the OP I'd say go Gordon's suggested route, that $12 round cutting board is close to perfect. I'm all for making best use of found parts. You can't glue to that HDPE, but it holds a thread very well and is self-lubricating for a tap or self-tapping screws. Only TWO left? ptiago, you better nab BOTH of them before I do! Yes, really!

    OTOH, ABS or plain old HIPS glues beautifully using cyano or solvent bonding. Great for all sorts of fabricating. I'd go for 1/4" thick myself, very strong stuff. Sandable and paintable too.
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