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i want to controlling LED by using two push buttons switch, like two switch in electrical


  • Have you seen these tutorial pages?


    There is a free PDF book you can download which seems to cover your question.

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    ' BUTTON.BS2
    ' Connect an active-low circuit to pin P0 of the BS2. When you press the
    ' button, the DEBUG screen will display an asterisk (*). The program, as
    ' shown below, will print an asterisk at the first button press, then
    ' delay approximately one second (200 x 5 ms PAUSE) before auto-repeating
    ' at a rate of approximately 100 ms (5 x 20 ms). Feel free to modify the
    ' program to see the effects of your changes on the way BUTTON responds.

    ' {$STAMP BS2}
    ' {$PBASIC 2.5}

    Btn PIN 0

    btnWrk VAR Byte

    ' Try changing the Delay value (255) in BUTTON to see the effect of
    ' its modes: 0 = no delay; 1-254 = varying delays before auto-repeat;
    ' 255 = no auto-repeat (only one action per button press)
    ' The BUTTON instruction will cause the program to branch to
    ' No_Press unless P0 = 0

    PAUSE 5
    BUTTON Btn, 0, 200, 20, btnWrk, 0, No_Press
    DEBUG "*"

    GOTO Main

    Take a look at the above...This demo just shows how to do it, You real code will only be one or two short lines.$WMc% out

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