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Hello, I wonder if someone knows if Viewport works for Propeller Quick board, or if there is any other program that applies now?



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  • Viewport should work with any P1 based board. It's a cool IDE. I use it for PropBasic but the latest version of Viewport (that I know of) has a bug. I don't even remember what the bug is but I use the earlier version.
  • Thanks!

    I have just started to learn about Propeller and spin code. I like this processor. Just wondering if this side about Viewport is still valued ( Then it looks like the propeller is quite old.
    I have try to test a simple program, but Viewport only complain about update license. Dose not debug includes the open trail 30 days?

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    I purchased the full license from the start so I have always had full functionality.

    I purchased from

    I use the "482" version. The "489" has a problem, at least with PropBasic.
  • Ok, Thanks! But this sait does not seems to work anymore. I have try to contact them, but get error message. Strange if there is no support for this software.
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    Worked for me...

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