Collecting Servo Specs

I'm collecting some basic factoids about popular continuous rotation servos. I don't have all models to test, so I'm wondering if anyone has a Spring SM-S4303R (Pololu 1248, among others), would you know off-hand what direction the servo turns with 2ms pulses? There are a few servos that go the other way, and I'm filling out a chart. The direction should be noted as CW or CCW, when viewed with the shaft straight on.

Thanks in advance!


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    Pretty sure I have some, will check tomorrow.
  • Thanks! Looking forward to your report, kind sir!!
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    Oops, turns out I have the Spring SM-4306R, not the 4303.

    The 4306 moves clockwise for 2 ms pulses.

  • Erco, Thanks. Other sources specifically indicate CCW for the 4303. The 4306 might be an outlier.

    Do you happen to have a (non-feedback) Parallax servo handy? Does it also go CCW? All I can find right now is the Feedback version, which is CCW for 2ms pulses. I am assuming both are CCW, because they now use the Feedback 360 with the Activity Bot, though I imagine they could have gone through all the code and flipped the directions.
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    The 4306 might be an outlier.

    Or I might be lying outright. :)

    The Parallax CR servos on my old BoeBot turn CCW on 2 ms pulses.

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    For some reason this time when I looked at the title "Servo Specs", I had a vision of some motorized multi-lens Inspector Gadget eyewear... is it just me?
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    Getting old! I forgot I had videoed my 4306 servos over a year ago.

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