BOTTO: A walking robot with 3D printed parts and controlled by Parallax Propeller Activity Board

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If you have access to a 3D printer, here is a low cost way to make your own walking robot.
I used an xyzprinting DaVinci 1.0 to print out the parts.

I had to see this to believe it, but this Zowi/Otto clone can walk with just 4 servos.

You can now download the 3D Cad files (STL and SolidWorks 2015) at Thingiverse:

Development was posted to this thread:

Here's a video of it walking forward and backward:

One version of head and body has nibs for attaching plastic blocks:
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    Here's example code.
    There's a "repeat" line at the beginning to stop it just after centering.
    Just comment it out after you get the servos centering tweaked.

    There is also code there for the Parallax Ping module, it's eyes. It's commented out, but you can see how it works...
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    Here you can see the Activity Board inside (This is an older version, but I'm sure the new WX will work too
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  • Love it. That is one of the best looking (simple) walking robots I have seen!!
  • Thanks!

    I just added instructions to the Thingiverse page. Was going to put them here, but they have a very nice system for adding instructions...

    Also, added a link to this thread so people can get the source code...
  • I'm holding out for BLOTTO, the stumbling robot. :)

  • That's adorable, Rayman.

    Great job!
  • Brilliant work Rayman :) :) :)
  • The cuteness factor is over the top!

  • Great job. Thank you for posting the all the source files (3D and code) and the build instructions.

    This is a project I will definitely being putting into my 3D printing queue...
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    I'm trying to decide if eyes are looking downward when walking. If true, would be great for detecting floor edges... In SolidWorks, looks like eyes are always level. But, video suggests eyes do look down for a moment...

    Going to print out Purple and Pink one next. Then, can have a Botto bot battle with blocks, possibly with beetles and bubbles in a bottle...
  • Also trying to decide if Ping sensor from one bot can detect Pings from another...

    I think maybe it can, but not sure...
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    The Ping))) has to send a ping to prime it for reception. There isn't a way to make it just listen. However, you can cover the transmit transducer and pulse it to force it to listen without ultrasonic burst actually propagating.

  • Here's the eDrawings version of the SolidWorks BOTTO assembly.
    With the free eDrawings viewer, you can see the parts...
  • Found this version of original ZOWI with arms and head servo:

    Think I can copy these ideas...
  • I don't have a 3D printer... how about an origami version!!!
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    You can order parts printed from Thingiverse. I took a look at that briefly and it looked pretty expensive... I think it was ~$200, but I didn't explore all the options.

    xyzprinting has a "Summer Deal" that gives 12 abs filaments plus the DaVinci 1.0 Blue printer for $335.

    There are other print on demand services out there, but it's nice to have a printer...

    There are lower cost printers, but most only do PLA. My feeling is that legs might break if they are pla...
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    Nice robot, I've been wanting to build one of these for a while. This cute 4-servo design has been around for a few years, and can "bust a move" like Michael Jackson (the "King of Bot"?). :)

  • Rayman,

    Very nicely done. It's great to see an vision come to fruition.
    rjo__ wrote: »
    I don't have a 3D printer... how about an origami version!!!
    I wonder if wood (or metal for the leg joints) , or even repurposed parts from other devices, could be used as an alternative to the 3D Printed parts?

  • I want to calculate total amount of filament needed, but my guess is that it adds up to ~$20 in filament. Maybe you could do it with wood or metal, but would either take a lot of time or a lot of money...

    Erco, I didn't like the exposed servos in that original ZOWI design. I've copied the idea of OTTO with the servos hidden from front view. There's a new ZOWI for sale that also does this...
  • JonM wrote: »
    I wonder if wood (or metal for the leg joints) , or even repurposed parts from other devices, could be used as an alternative to the 3D Printed parts?

    My aspirations would be an aluminum version, if 3D printing was not available.
    But it is so cute, you just got to bust your own move.
  • Doubled the size of our robot army...

    Well, not sure if I should make them fight or dance...
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  • Nice. How do you print the head with the lego bumps? i.e. Which side is printed first (layer)?
  • I think the best way might be with the bumps up so they print without supports. That's how I did the purple one. Printed one upside down before too and I think that worked OK too.
  • Rayman, there is a bot on HackaDay that is using about the same design, printed different to be sure.

    Looks like it would have good footing.
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  • Interesting... Definitely more curvy... Looks like exposed mini servos.
    Guess I'd classify that as a mini-ZOWI clone.

    Maybe the big feed don't make the exposed servos look so bad.
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