Problem with getting Stamp homework Board to connect CPU.

I recently purchased 10 homework boards for a mentoring project at my local Tech High School.
I configured 5 boards with Leds, Beeper, A/D, basic stuff. All Linked to my laptop Wins 7.
However, I can not get linked to my laptop Wins 10. It does link to two older Stamp Board of Education,
one RS232 and one USB. I spoke with Megel in Support, He had received no problems with Win 10,
and suggested cable or CPU Port problem. I have same problem on different ports and cables.
I downloaded the latest FITI Driver Software. New battery,9.3V. Configured several ports.
I would appreciate any suggestions.
Thanks, redrover


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  • Have you tried removing the extra stuff (LEDs, Beeper, etc.)? It's always better to test boards without extra parts. Other people have used Win 10 successfully.
  • Mike,
    Thanks for the info...
    I have 4 new Homework PCBs. No componets.
    The first one I tied..linked. I rhought, voltage drop problem.
    Bat = 9.4 on board. Regulator out 5.01V. good.
    The next board and other 2 would not link.
    They all had 5.02V
    Looked at old Edu Board. Bat = 9.3, Regulator = 4,97, With componets.
    It still links. Volts does not seem to be be a problem.
    I am going by the school and downloading Stamp Editor and Driver on their computers.
    I am sure that they do not have Wins 10. It should be OK.
  • Hmm... Miguel is aware of my problems for the last several weeks with WIN10 and two homework boards, and I have tried everything to get mine to work with no success. Brand new laptop with no added programs, two Rev A homework boards, new cables, new batteries, etc. Trying to connect the two bare HW Boards only results in error message of No BASIC Stamps Found.

    I have installed the proper drivers (CDM21216) (three times) for the WIN 10 OS and even after changing the USB COM Port Latency to 1ms, the issue with no BASIC Stamps found still remains, although the Identify facility shows the port to be connected to the Homework Board with YES/YES for Loopback/Echo. I am using BS Editor Ver.253r2, which I have installed three times to be sure.

    I replaced the batteries. Reloaded BS Editor for WIN 10, reloaded proper drivers, rechecked latency on every available USB port, and did this all for both of the two Homework boards that I have. Nothing allows the HW Boards to be recognized. However, I can successfully connect with my SumoBots, Scribbler 2, BOE, Propeller Activity Boards, and QuickStart boards. So I know my ports are working. Any assistance is appreciated.

    Sorry, Redrover, for pretty much taking over your thread. Hopefully we will both get help from the expert folks here. Thank you.
  • I miss Chris. He would be on this until satisfaction was found.
  • George,
    So you have Homework Boards that will not link with Win 10, also..
    Like I said, These were new boards and only one out of six would link.
    Got to be compatibility problem with 10. I will not get a chance to go
    by the school for a week or so. If they have Win 7 or previous, I will be OK.
    I just will not be able to use my Win 10 laptop. If you find a cure be sure and post.
    Sorry I did not respond sooner.
  • Hi George,

    Do know what version of FTDI driver you have installed on your Windows 10 PC?

    Is this a school PC or is this happening on your personal PC?

  • Hi Redrover

    That last post be me was meant for you. I've been testing the Homework boards here in the office and I have yet to hit a snag.

    Do know what version of FTDI driver you have installed on your Windows 10 PC? This might help narrow it down

    Is this a school PC or is this happening on your personal PC?
  • Miguel & George,.
    I am using the latest version FTDI Driver, 2.12.16(r2). Deleted older versions.
    This is my personal PC, Dell latitude E5420. Windows 10 Pro.

    I just downloaded Driver, too be sure,
    same result. Connected to old usb Board of Education,
    one of the Homework boards that has worked. Both connect.OK.
    Will not connect to the other Homework pcbs. with and without componets.
    The USB led lamps do blink at power on but go out when I
    I go to edit port screen. Thanks,
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