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I recently purchased a BASIC Stamp 2e microcontroller to process data from a 3-axis inertial sensor on-board a model quadrotor aircraft. Although I have downloaded and studied the sample code posted online, I am completely new to PBASIC programming and somewhat confused. In the nutshell, I want to be able to request data from various registers of the sensor and send it to be stored on a Parallax USB datalogger throughout a 5 minute flight test of the vehicle. I would like to be able to continuously cycle though each axis of the accelerometer and rate gyroscope data and incorporate a blinking LEDs to indicate that the data is being successfully requested and stored. At this point any help or advice that you could provide would be much appreciated. I imagine that I can use a lot of the code has already written, but I'm not exactly sure what parts need to be modified to function properly with the inertial sensor. I have attached the datasheet if it might help you understand the situation better.

Thank you so much for your time!

Nathan Calvert

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    If you have specific questions about the code please ask and we will try to help. As a grad student it should have become apparent that you need either to learn the processes need to use the hardware or pick hardware you can learn.

    - Stephen
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    I cannot find any useful information regarding the syntax of the SHIFTIN and SHIFTOUT commands. The rest of the code is virtually written and operational. As an Aerospace·graduate student who is taking 17 credit hours and has 2 jobs to pay for school, becoming an expert in a 6th programming language is unfortunately·not really a high priority.
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    Hi calomega,

    The SHIFTIN and SHIFTOUT commands are used for acquiring data from a synchronous serial device. For more information, our BASIC Stamp Syntax and Reference Manual is also available for free download at the link below:

    I hope this helps, let me know if you if you are looking for any other resources.

    Happy Developing!


    Jessica Uelmen
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