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Javalin and the Toddler or Boe-Bot — Parallax Forums

Javalin and the Toddler or Boe-Bot

pasimonpasimon Posts: 4
edited 2005-02-20 03:24 in Robotics
Has anybody used the Javalin Stamp to control the Toddler or Boe-Bot?· I just finished doing the basic Basic programming for the Toddler (it now precariously toddles) and Java would be a far better way to go.· Much cleaner (if more obscure) code, and I get the sense that I would be able to control more functions more easily.

If it is possible at all, and I don't see why it shouldn't be, what is the simplest way to attach a development board to either robot?· I don't think the Javalin development board has the right hole spacing to be a ready fit on the Toddler.· On the other hand, could I plug a Javalin right into the Stamp socket on my Boe-Bot's board?

I wonder if Parallax would consider supplying a toddler board with a Javalin chip?!

If this post should more properly be on the Javalin forum, I apoligize.


  • Robert SchwartzRobert Schwartz Posts: 141
    edited 2005-02-20 03:24
    I have no experience with the javelin, but the java stamp is compatable with all of the bs2 carriers(ie. board of education) so replacing the stamp with it will work fine.
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