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Flexipanel Bluetooth

inakiinaki Posts: 262
edited 2005-02-13 21:31 in Robotics
I would like to know what people think about the Flexipanel Bluetooth solution and how it works with Basic Stamps.

I·need it for a moderate amount of data·with a reach of 20 meters or less.

I understood this module has only 9000 bps speed ? Is this right ?
How well does it interface to a Basic Stamp module·?

Anyone who has tried it may please post his comments.



  • dandreaedandreae Posts: 1,375
    edited 2005-01-31 19:14

    The Bluetooth radio is a Class I device and has a range of up to 100 meters (330 feet) when
    connecting with other Class I devices. If a Class II device connects to the module, the communication
    range will be limited to 10 meters (33 feet). Walls, metal objects, etc., between the modules may
    reduce these ranges. ·The range may also be affected by the orientation of the antennae.· Here is a link for more information:·.· Make sure to scroll down to the downloads to access the manuals.

    Dave Andreae

    Tech Support

  • JavalinJavalin Posts: 892
    edited 2005-02-13 21:31

    Using the EB500 bluetooth module for a while. Its excellent. Found no issues with it at all. Max speed is 260k (ish) well above what a stamp can support.

    Only issue with a stamp is lack of buffering on RS232 inputs, i.e. if your not listening for a signal when it arrives you will miss it!! Needless to say I have been using the Javalin - which is also excellent!

    Best advise, read the spec sheet and the manual as Dave suggests above.

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