Paid work for propeller FLIP programming

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Hi, I just started using the propeller FLIP and realise that I need to hire someone to complete certain parts of the project.
The immediate task is to write code for the AD7323 which is a 4 channel serial A/d...
inputs will be +/- 5v
I would like the speed optimised so ASSY may be required.

Please let me know your rate or a fixed price to get this IC connected and talking.
I have a chip mounted on a PCB in a sip format so it can be easily breadboarded.

I'm in Canada, if that matters.

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  • This look like a simple enough device to program. Only 3 register to setup and one to read the value.

    Serial in with CS and Clock pin.
    Serial out with CS and Clock pin.

    You didn't say what kind of driver you needed. Are you doing SPIN or C.

  • Here're some objects I wrote for the AD7322 - 2 channel version, and a couple untested modifications that should work with the 7323.
    No charge.
  • I've already retained someone to do the work so I will continue on that path.
    No charge was a pleasant surprise.
    Thank you.
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