OpenBot Uses Smartphone

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Open-source vehicle uses Android (sorry Apple lovers) schmartphone camera & sensors for navigation. Seems like this app might port over to an ARLO pretty well.

Especially since the remaining 6 (ONLY) ARLOs are on sale!


  • Clever!
    But @erco Max uses a phone in one of his shoes. He doesn't carry one in his pockets.

    Odd? What's that bot doing with a bag and a shovel on Publison's lawn? Now he's digging a hole, and burying the bag.
  • Oh dear...
  • All I can say is WOW. I will have to look into this, further. It seems like the important part is the software that is driving the robot, wonder if it is easily transferrable to another robot configuration.

    Lets see, a bigger battery source, a telephone with night vision, ability to log data with maybe FTP usage, ...

  • I did a preliminary "look see", and found some things that I would not be able to accomplish.

    The 3D printer unit that they recommend has a $6000 price tag, new, way to extravagant for me. The software involved works with an Arduino NANO, maybe a little to much trouble to get it to work with P1 or P2, of any sort. Still not sure how their software gets loaded to the phone, which is connected to the NANO. Other than that ...

    Still looking for the actual main software, I think it is written in Java, know nothing about that language. I will still look some more, to see what could be salvaged and used with some Propeller stuff.

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