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Building the MIKE with a BASIC Stamp and what motor? — Parallax Forums

Building the MIKE with a BASIC Stamp and what motor?

hoela4075hoela4075 Posts: 16
edited 2014-07-14 20:50 in Robotics
So after a couple of weeks of leaning I have decided to move forward with Tod Loofbourrow's MIKE using a BASIC stamp rather than the KIM-1! I think I can free up enough pins to make it work!

But a big problem I am having is finding out what motors to use...

The book requires three drive motors and one directional motor. I plan on using two drive motors and spinning them for turning, like with the BOE Bot. Rather than 8 sides, I am going to build mine with only 6.

But what motors do I use for the drive wheels?!?! The original plans called for Herbach & Rademan TM20K370 motors. But not only does this company not make these wheels any more, they refuse to give me any hints to the details about them.

I need two drive wheels/servos that will move maybe around 200 lbs of robot. I doubt that MIKE will ever be that heavy, but who knows!

Any ideas of servos or motors that I could use with the BASIC stamp that will fit my needs?



  • ercoerco Posts: 19,925
    edited 2014-06-23 23:20
    You'll spend a lot more money trying to build to 200 lbs capacity. Parallax sells a nice gearmotor set for their Arlo bot, in either a plastic wheel or heavy duty wheel version. Neither is rated for 200 lbs AFAIK. Also, big motors will require more expensive controllers & batteries. You should plan your bot first and build to that capacity.

    How much do you want to spend? :)
  • hoela4075hoela4075 Posts: 16
    edited 2014-07-14 20:39
    Thanks for the reply and sorry for my late reply!

    Todd in his book says that the robot will be around 200 lbs. But the more I play with the BOE bot, the more I think I could build it much, much lighter. What gearmotor are you talking about?
  • hoela4075hoela4075 Posts: 16
    edited 2014-07-14 20:50
    BTW...Tod's book states that the weight of the Mike is around 200 lbs (the motors he uses are rated to 600), but he also used a car battery to power his robot. I don't think I need to use a car battery..

    The repop of the KIM-1 I bought ends up not being what the original was. Something about the reproduction 6530's are not like the originals and old programs do not work on the re-pos. That is why I think I need to commit to the BOE Bot board (or something Parallax based), without just rebuilding the BOE-Bot kit...
  • I know that this is an old post and it is a sin to resurrect the dead but I've decided to engineer replacements for the TM20K370 and TM21K460 Motorized Wheels that Herbach & Rademan used to sell. Basically, at 12V, the wheels (4.5" in diameter) would move at walking speed. Since the RPM isn't known, I estimate no more than two feet per second. The startup and stall current was 8 AMPS and the stall torque was a pulling force of 20 pounds. This is all of the info that I have regarding those wheels. I am actively searching for old H&R catalogs to try to glean more specs. The project will be completely open source and currently resides here: - it should be noted that since you are building from scratch and will be using different wheels, there is likely no need to build the triangle sections. Simply cutting an 8-sided polygon (use the dimensions provided for the impact sensors to arrive at the length of the sides) and mounting wheels to it should suffice. Rather than the ribbon switches, use five 12x12x7 tact switches for the impact sensors.
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