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    Thanks for bumping this thread! If I can get this to work, hours of SD card swapping may be saved...

    While it works for small files, it's slow. I've got this up to about 8kbytes/s but that seems to be nearing the top speed. Still fun to play with and helpful for small files.
  • I have a prop os that includes file transfers. Details on the Prop OS thread. There is no error checking tho IIRC.
  • 8 kb/s is a little poor - KyeFAT's block driver is slow, but not that slow. On the serial side, I can get 3 megabaud prop-to-PC with a few lost bytes (See JETviewer), I'd guess the other direction goes up to around 1 Mbaud.
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    I'm updating this now to FSRW2.6 as the original version didn't support FAT32, apparently...
    Also, changing default pins to match Activity Board WX.

    Need arose as I have a Prop board buried in a control panel and want to add files to SD card without tearing the whole thing apart.
    Transfer speed is slow, but a lot faster overall than the alternative...

    I'll mention cheezus's version too in top post..

    Also, just tested with ExtraPutty and it works. HyperTerminal probably still works, but it was bugging me about installing a modem...
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