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ELEV-8 ESC PWM signal

Hi All,

I have an ELEV-8 which I've built and works but now I'm trying to use it with custom parts. I'm currently trying to use my own microcontroller to control the motors and I'm running into some issues.

I've checked the PWM signal that is being generated from my microcontroller and it looks fine, pulse width can be changed from 1ms to 2ms and the period of the signal is 20ms. The amplitude of the signal is 3.3V.

However when I try to control the brushless motor with this signal, nothing happens. I don't believe the PWM signal is making it through the ESC. I've connected an external 11.1V source to the ESC.

Does anyone know how I should configure the signal to make it through the ESC? I've found online that apparently the PWM signal needs to be held high while the ESC is powered up but I can't find any documentation on the ELEV-8 ESC that supports this. Otherwise does the PWM signal amplitude need to be higher?

Thanks in advance for your help.



  • Problem solved. For anyone wondering the ESC needed a max PWM singal (2000 us) before a minimum PWM signal (700 us). There needs to be suitable delays (a few seconds) after each signal.
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