Flip Module USB connection

I love the Flip Module and I`ve used it for some projects earlier.
I bought some more of them earlier this summer, but then I discovered that the usb connector type has been changed.
Anyone know WHY ???
Had to get an other phone-cable to programme it. I think the new connector type is a bit more simple than the earlier "standard mini usb".
Any thoughts?


  • I'm 99.9% sure the usb socket didn't change. FLiP was always using the microUSB type.

    Is it possible you're comparing to another similar product?
  • The FLIP module is still in Revision A, and has used the same microUSB since day one.
  • Tried to upload a picture of new Flip and old cable. Does not match... Zoome the pic and you'll see what I mean.
    3096 x 5504 - 6M
  • And yes, its a Rev. A module.
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    I think I understand now.

    The FLiP module didn't change, but it has a different socket type compared to the cable you had available. Parallax uses that mini USB connector on a few older products.

    You'll need to find a microUSB cable for FLiP. If you buy the starter kit, there's a suitable cable included.


    Those microUSB cables are an improvement over miniUSB for a few reasons, but most important is that when the connection is damaged due to usual wear, the microUSB cable usually breaks first, and so the device (FLiP) is undamaged. With miniUSB it was the other way, and it's much harder to replace the socket on the PCB compared to just replacing the cable.

  • As always, I think you guys in here have right. It`s almost two years since I last made a Project with the Flip, and that project is sold so I don`t have any "old" Flip to compare with.
    I was so deamed shure that I used the same cable as on my experimental board when I programmed the Flip then (USB mini), but that could not have been right.
    Is it possible you're comparing to another similar product?
    Yes. That must be the thing here. Think that Mr.Altzheimer has visited my brain. Sorry for bothering you folks.
    Thanks anyway. I`ll continue to use the Flip module as well.

  • Nothing wrong with a curious mystery to agitate the mind now and then!

    Glad it didn't stop you experimenting anyway.
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