Propeller Board with wifi capabilities?

I am currently using the propeller ASC+ to control a shield that we built to measure licks to a water spout. Our research is looking to see if training domestic and exotic cats to drink more water increases kidney function. The board has been really great because we can record the data as we move along. So thanks for a great board!
One thing that would make the system even more user friendly is if we could get the data off the board without having to remove the SD card....even better, if we could do it remotely without having to have hands on the device.

Does anyone have an idea on how we could make this work....please remember that we already have a shield on top of the propeller board that controls the other aspects of the lickometer. Any plans on making this board capable of connecting to a wifi network?


  • The simplest would be to use the Parallax WX ESP8266 board and connect it with just 4 wires and this would attach to any network and allow the data to be sent anywhere.


  • The SIP package would be the most friendly in this situation.
  • klk0146 wrote: »
    Any plans on making this board capable of connecting to a wifi network?

    Parallax did not produce the ASC+. That would be MGHDesigns:

  • Are there any SPIN examples for use with the 32420?
  • Take a look here as a starting point.
  • klk0146,

    This sounds like an interesting research project. Do you have links to a site, publications, etc., were I may learn more?
  • Sadly the OP has been MIA since 7/24/2010
  • cavelamb wrote: »
    Are there any SPIN examples for use with the 32420?

    Cave, some starter spin exercises;
  • Your cleanest solution here is going to be some version of an ESP8266 daughterboard, either by Parallax or a simple ESP01 which you can get for about four bucks. This will involve some development on the ESP8266 though as well as on the Propeller. They're two different systems with different strengths and sometimes you just need both.

    I use the NodeMCU Lua development system for ESP work, but there's also an Arduino IDE system for programming it; those are your two most practical approaches IMO for the ESP8266. Either way even if you're just using it as a bridge for the propeller to wifi there's going to be a whole 'nother development system and its learning curve, as well as interfacing it to the propeller. Your interface between the prop and ESP will of course be serial, but it can go at crazy high baud rates if you need it to.

    If you are wanting to store the data on SD then download and clear it at some point like the end of the day, then you aren't going to be able to avoid doing development on both systems, as you will have to arrange a dump command, handshake, and clear command as well as collecting the actual data. I've done this sort of thing many times on many different platforms and it's a learning curve, but one that is well worth tackling because it will serve you well in other future applications.
  • There are SD-cards for cameras including WIFY to upload pictures to a PC, you might need to name your files .jpg or something...

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