Wasn't there a competition regarding single servo based robots?

I'm busily revising, (and revising) my midsummer planned project list, and I recall that there was single servo based robots as a competition here on this forum and in this category.

Besides being powered by that lucky single servo, what else would people be looking for? Obviously inventiveness qualifies.

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  • ercoerco Posts: 19,720
    There was, sort of, unofficially. Didn't really have its own thread like Figure 8. One of mine below. Whatchagot?

  • Oh just a "thought experiment" concerning a single Parallax designed CR servo driven by an appropriate stamp. The servo itself spins the only drive wheel of course.

    Regular wheels themselves surround it attached to a base of, would you believe Lego. In fact the wheels themselves are part of that catalog.

    And of course the YouTube guessworks engine promptly took a guess that I was a strong Doctor Who fan.

    Of course the strange part is that you did write that with help. Two cats, and a set of twins. The cats might even be......
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