Can I leave the board turned on?

Hi! I have a parallax board of education with r servos and 4 buttons connected. I have a set-up so that every time I press a button, it turns a servo. I have the board hidden, and a DC adapter plugs it into the wall. Can I leave the board on and plugged in at all times, so that I can press a button whenever needed? Or would that harm the board? Electricity cost is not a factor. Thanks in advance!


  • yes you can!

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  • I have a BS-2 that has been running non-stop since June 2010. Seems perfectly happy. No servos, though :nerd:
  • The BOE will outlast the power supply and the servos, just make sure the power supply is within spec, and best to run the servos off VIN. It really depends on what the servos are doing. 4 stalled servos can use a lot of power.
  • With the Vin, make shure you have at most 6-7.5v from your adapter. Vin directly connects to the barrel jack.
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