What is the error with this code?

Hi I make an incubator and this is the code.
However tit keeps flashing that there is an error. I am so tired and cant understand what is wrong.
Can anyone run the code and tell me what is the error and correct it?
Thank you in advance!!!


  • I re-wrote parts of the code and now it keeps saying there is an error at the line I leave the mouse cursor. What is wrong?
  • You have unbalanced braces. In the c3 function you need a closing brace for the body of code after the "if else". In c6, you have an extra brace after "change = 1". In c1thermo you have an extra brace at the end, and you have a few extra braces at the end of the file.
  • i corrected all yet still get an error.
  • Hal AlbachHal Albach Posts: 747
    edited 2015-10-31 - 20:43:53
    No, you have not balanced your braces yet. Your function c1tho() has 6 opening and 5 closing braces. you need to go through all of your code and make certain that the braces balance in each function.

    By the way, when I added a closing brace to the end of the function, c1tho(), the code compiled without errors.
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