Selling all my electronic hobby gadgets.

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***PLEASE NOTE*** I will take pictures of some of the odd ball stuff, but for the common stuff I will just post what I am selling. You can always give me a call or text at 1-715-846-26 (zero) 1 for anything specific.

I no longer have the time, nor the inclination to mess around with electronics due to my own start up business. I will be selling tons of stuff from components to PLCs at low prices. I will be listing and updating daily until ALL is/are gone. I would rather see this stuff go into good hands rather than storing it away in some box. Some items will have pictures and some more common stuff such as parallax product will not have pictures. If, however, you request a picture I can send you one. Shipping will have delivery confirmation. Just send me a private message if interested. I will be adding every day. Guys and gals I want this stuff gone...... I have no use for it anymore.

1ea X10 Mini Transceiver (Un-used) $15

Pololu VNH3SP30 Motor Driver Carrier MD01B Will sell for $19 Unopened.

parallax Ping sensor: $19.00

Memsic Dual Axis Accelerometer $19.00 Un-used

555-28027 Passive Infrared Motion Sensor $8.00 Un-used

PicKit 1 Flash Starter Kit All components and software are present $20 lightly used


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