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On the page:

There is the following notice:


Technically, this isn't true. With Propeller Tool 1.3, the files need to be in the "Library" folder. If an object is located in the "Propeller Tool v1.3" folder the Prop Tool wont find it. I just tried including "Simple_Spin_Template.spin" (located in the software folder) in one of my programs and the Prop Tool couldn't find it.

I'm also surprised at how hard it is to find some resources on

I couldn't find any kind of link trail that would take me from the PropBOE product page to the PropBOE-Bot page.

The PropBOE landing page mentions as a resource (but doesn't provide a link). Once I've typed "" into my brower, I still can't find any kind of link trail to the PropBOE-Bot page from the home page.

I like to think I know what's going on with the Parallax's Propeller products, but I hadn't learned about the PropBOE-Bot pages until David Smith provided a link here.

It would have been nice to know such a site existed sooner. Did I miss some obvious clue that there was such a page?

I hope you don't continue to keep it so well hidden.


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  • Duane DegnDuane Degn Posts: 10,002
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    I can now find the PropBOE-Boe info from under "What's next?". I don't know if it's new or I just missed it before.

    I still think the warning about files being in the "software" folder should be updated to "library" folder.
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    Hi Duane,

    We really appreciate your feedback. The home page has been updated with Propeller Boe-Bot in the main index. There's also a prominent Propeller Board of Education section that offers startup tutorial, projects, and Propeller Boe-Bot ( Oh, yeah, and thanks for the heads up about the Propeller library, warning box in node 82 has been corrected.

    If you find any more, please feel free to email directly. That link is available from every content page on

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