Using Xbee's to control Boe Bot

Im using the parallax boe bot and a parallax activity board with a joy stick. Im trying to communicate wirlessly using Xbee's however its not working properly. Anyone have any suggestions on how to set up the Xbees.


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  • Its not using a BOE BOT but the link below uses an Activity Board with an XBEE and a joystick to control an ActivityBot which also has an XBEE. It should at least help you on the XBEE set up. The major difference is that the Activity Board/Bot are programmed in C while the BOEBot is usually programmed in SPIN (although either type of board can be programmed in both C and SPIN.)

    Hope this helps
  • The crazy thing is Im using that tutorial and for some reason the controller is not communicating with the bot. The Bee light is lit on the controller and not the bot. However, when I press the blue rest button on the controller the ASSOC light on the bot flashes and vice versa. Im trulls confused with this project.
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