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  • @ajward,

    since some time I read your posts with great amusement. First triggered by the name of the society you founded, later by the irresistible fun you show to have while building and naming your creations.

    Remembering one post of you about some small flying object "Floor, Ceiling, Door, Roommate, ceiling, floor" I get the feeling that it might not be easy to be your roommate.

    So greetings to Kari,

    I am just another Code Monkey.
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  • HAL (EMIC2) really does understand the gravity of the situation.
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    Ok, it may be more smoke and mirrors right now, but I think there is enough room to animate the camera eye. What directions are best to be visible, I haven't figured out yet.

    A wearable badge, a Propeller Mini platform with communication through IR to other like badges. It has an RGB LED:

    I hope to eventually articulate the protective lense cover, which should get your attention initially, and then choreograph anything else I can cram into it. The mini and it's proto board have a nice space behind the removable front panels, which has plenty of room for IR and something else.
    The microphone will more than likely be turn into a speaker. And drill a small hole for an electret, when i'm ready for sound detection.

    That's my project, and your welcome to it.

    But have to imagine a character, from a face plate off a camcorder.

    This is it: HAL 9000 Yeah.

  • Some build photos:
    720 x 1280 - 777K
    720 x 1280 - 604K
  • This will be a continuation.

    Some more build photos:
    2048 x 1152 - 951K
    2048 x 1152 - 552K
    2048 x 1152 - 647K
  • Aha.

    I'm feeling much better now. :)
    "When you make a thing, a thing that is new, it is so complicated making it that it is bound to be ugly. But those that make it after you, they don’t have to worry about making it. And they can make it pretty, and so everybody can like it when others make it after you."

    - Pablo Picasso
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