Help For Beginner - Communicate between SX'es?

MyYz400MyYz400 Posts: 11
edited 2011-01-26 - 10:32:43 in Microcontrollers
My project has ALOT of inputs and outputs. Aprrox 22 Inputs and 24 Oututs needed. So this is much more than even the 44pin SX can handle. So I was thinking of having one of the SX just handle inputs and another handle outputs and just serial between them (so only use 1 or 2 lines for comm). I was almost thinking of sending a serial strip of info every so often defining input status. Like (11011001) as in Input1=hi; Input2=hi; Input3=lo; etc.

Anyone able to lead me in the right direction on how to accomplish this? I've done minor playing around with the SX proto board, but not a whole lot. I have a fair amount of experience in electronics, just kinda new to the MC world. Links to guides, or a laymans directions would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Oh, about 6 of the inputs and 6 of the outputs are analog, but I was going to wait to tackle that one.


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