100x test probes


im new to the forum. i just started playing with high voltage tubes and im wondering if there are any 100x test probes available anywhere and what considerations are involved since im totaly new to this.

someone said that it is possible to use resistors for attenuation but im not sure how to calculate their value.



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    what kind of HV ? AC DC HF ?

    and what voltages ?

    is this for a Scope or DMM?

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    Making an accurate HV probe for ac and dc is difficult. the higher the voltage, the more difficult it gets.
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    I have purchased a couple of HV probes from eBay manufactured by HP and Tek, they have worked well, but you have to be very careful of the rated ranges, and your fingers. Also, I have found it very advisable to take off any rings or other jewelry, I had a friend killed when a HV arced to his wedding ring when his head was braced on a bulkhead beam years ago, not nice...


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    A quick google found me this:
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