PIM motion sensor 555-28027

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I just purchased a PIM device for a project on·my model railroad. I think I got in over my head. I thought it would be simple to make the RR Xing gate go up and down when the train went by but·I ran into a problem.
I hope someone can help as I am a novice.
Input·Neg is connected to Grd and Pos to +6 vdc and the output is connected to·the Base of·NPN transistor Emitter to Grd and the collector to a relay coil with·9 vdc on the other side. The problem is the relay goes on and off because the output of the sensor goes high then low then high Etc.. even when there is no motion. This is probably simple for someone who knows what they are doing.


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    I would say that this is not the right sensor for your application. Depending on the layout of your layout you might be better off with a magnetic switch or optical detector where you want the guard to close and open.

    - Stephen
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