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I am asking this question because I just had a "Stop Windows" crash, when I plugged in the USB-clip while the laptop was in the process of starting up after sleep. Then later, when I would press F7 in the Propeller tool or otherwise try to access the port, the window that is supposed to identify the Propeller would freeze up.

In Device Manager, the FTDI was shown as operating properly in both the USB and the Serial port section.

However, I noticed that the version I have installed is 1.0.2154, which the FTDI website lists as being the VCP driver for XP x64. I don't think I have that, and wouldn't my properties screen say if I do? The VCP driver for plain XP is 1.0.2176. Is that the one I should be using?

Phil, you indicated to me at the seminar that some issues could be resolved by adjusting the Latency setting (DeviceMAnager/Ports/USB-FTDI/Settings/Advanced/Latency Timer). I forget, what was your suggesting regarding making it shorter or longer, and why?

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    For the Stamp, at least, a latency setting of 1mS is recommended. That's what I'm using with the Propeller, too, and it seems to work fine. (I, too, use the -2176 driver.) Also, be sure to uncheck the "Enumeration" (or somesuch) box in the same window. This prevents a device that's spewing serial data from being recognized as a mouse.

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