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Allright So Heres the idea.· Is it possible·to communicate via infared or serial between a BS2 and a 3Com Palm III,·and use PocketC or simalar on the palm to controll a dual jointed arm and two motor servos (Continous Rotation)?

If so EMail me [url=mailto:mitch.gaffigan@comcast.net]mailto:mitch.gaffigan@comcast.net[/url], pm me, or post a post!

Reason for building this: Science Olympiad, Robobilliards Event

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    You may find some hepful information at www.flexipanel.com·.· I believe they have·different devices that work with the BASIC Stamp using PDA's.· I know that you can use Bluetooth technology for this application.· We have a Bluetooth device called "eb500" that you can use with a PDA to control servos.· Here is a link for more information:· http://www.parallax.com/html_pages/products/communication/rf_modules.asp

    You can contact me at Parallax [url=mailto:dandreae@parallax.com]dandreae@parallax.com[/url] and I can send you a sample program using a Boe-Bot.


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