Cermetek Modem (CH1799A)

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Has anyone seen·the Ceremetek 33.6k imodem (CH1799A)·around for sale on the net?· I've checked all my normal spots, acroname, jameco, devantech, oatley and a couple others to no avail.· I don't have any trouble finding someone to sell me a couple hundred minimum, but for end users it pretty much seems unavailable.· If anyone knows where to buy 2, and not 200,·I'd be grateful,· I'm starting to think they're·a hoax! smile.gif··

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    I have seen them on eBay several times for around $25.00 starting bid...Sometimes 2 for $60.00...I don't see any on there right now, but you can check back.

    I think Parallax sells that modem...Not sure if it's a different model.

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