Smartpack/fastpack forum?

LucidGuppyLucidGuppy Posts: 32
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Can we have a forum about your fpga development boards?


  • kb2hapkb2hap Posts: 218
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    I'm in favor of that as well.· I just got the cyclone smartpack to start playing with. help and other peoples ideas on the fpga's would be great.

  • Ken GraceyKen Gracey Posts: 6,893
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    DTQ and Lucid,

    We have considered an FPGA forum for quite some time, but didn't create one due to possible support expectations. We don't want to be in a position of supporting Altera customers with IC design due to potential complexities. Basically, we couldn't do it for free. And since everything we offer support-wise is free this one has us concerned. The type of support we can offer is specifically for our products (which software do I need, which board do I buy, what's on the board, need a schematic, etc.) but not for the open-ended use of them.

    If we could provide a forum without involvement then it's easy for us to support it on this forum. We have only one person in our office who really knows the Altera tools and he's not available for support. But if you just want a place to talk. . .

    Let me know how this sounds.

    Ken Gracey
    Parallax, Inc.
  • LucidGuppyLucidGuppy Posts: 32
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    That would be cool for me. I'm not looking for support - but a place to share ideas and ask questions from fellow users.
  • kb2hapkb2hap Posts: 218
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    I agree.·

    A place for people to put in there 2 cents.

    and take there 2 cents.

    successes and failures.

    Sounds like a great idea Ken and lucid.


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