Hexcrawler RC Power Needs

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Few more questions, hoping to get some input...looking at power requirements for this thing..

I show..

BOE..7.2V battery..no problem..

video xmtr...14.4 V..no problem

camera...14.4V..is anyone concerned that the spec on the camera (CNL-100C) says 12V max..???..I'd be worried about no load conditions on the cam...

SSCs...7.2V, or.stick to the 9V batteries?

R/C rcvr..rechargeable battery supplied with unit..

servos..7.2V..has anyone considered a separate 7.2V battery for these...??

Open to any and all comments...



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    Thoughts look good, just make sure that the camera does not receive much more than 12V, as this will cause permanent damage to the unit.

    Steve Halla

  • DonWDonW Posts: 37
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    That's my point...everything shows 14.4 to the cam, and I guess, it is being hoped that under load conditions, it drops to about 12V?..that to me is a bit of a risk...

    So my other two questions still are..

    Has anyone had experience running the SSCs on 7.2V?...with the bottom limit on the spec sheet being 7V, that might make me a bit nervous..I might be more inclined to tie both of them to 14.4...

    Has anyone seen a performance improvement with a separate 7.2V battery for the servos, or, dropping one in parallel with one of the 7.2 V batteries that make the 14.4 series chain, thereby giving a bit of a current boost to the servos...??
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