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sponge johnsponge john Posts: 3
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Read a review of the Boe Bot, which gave me the impression assembly is not going to be easy for someone without ability to read schematic diagrams.

I have no knowledge of electronics, but want to learn about robotics and programming same as a hobby activity.

Have researched robot kits available and think the Boe Bot would suit my needs. But am unsure if instructions use schematics to explain connections etc.

Can anyone advise how difficult assembling a Boe Bot would be?


  • Chris SavageChris Savage Parallax Engineering Posts: 14,406
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    Actually I think it's quite easy...Besides giving you the schematics, the manual explains the connections so there's no need to worry about that.· Besides, you can always look at the manual before you buy...It can be downloaded here:

    Read that, then you can decide how hard it is for you!· smilewinkgrin.gif

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  • Ken GraceyKen Gracey Posts: 6,559
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    It's the world's most popular programmable robot and kids as young as 12 build them quite frequently. Schematics are not a problem - the manual includes pictorials. Download it and take a look:

    I am certain you will be pleased with the kit. The documentation, projects and follow-up activities are very well-developed.


    Ken Gracey
    Parallax, Inc.
  • sponge johnsponge john Posts: 3
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    Thank you Ken and Chris for the input.

    There are a couple of Canadian online stores offering the Boe Bot kit. One is only 40 miles away, if they are still operational. Have tried to contact both, but haven't any replies.

    This kit seems to be what I need, something easy to get into this interesting area. I like the stamp due to the abundance of information available on the net. Also, the programming language looks easy.

    Again thanks for the help.

  • jakjrjakjr Posts: 88
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    Illiteracy of schematics shouldnt be a problem at all, all the circiuts in the book show a picture along with a schematic. In fact if do a little extra comparison between the shematics and pictures as you progress through the book by time youre done with it youll probobly be able to easily read pretty much any schematic.
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