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For my project I'll need to have some PCB's build ( by an external company )

Which software can I use to make the layout ? is there a standard format the PCB manufactures can read ?

Where can i find samples of pcb's where the STAMP is used ? I'm thinking of how the powersupply and I/O's is "designed"

//Akj - PCB newbie

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    How many PCBs? If just a few, I think the simplest version is ExpressPCB -- but then you're limited to them (they provide proprietary software -- that's very easy to use). If you're wanting to shop around PCB vendors, then you'll need a "standard" program like Eagle or something else.·Jan Axelson has a book on PCB fabrication, you might want to check her web site (

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    As an electronics technology instructor, I have used a demo version of a PCB development program. It is called PADS Layout (formerly PowerPCB). A free demo version is available at:
    Because it is a demo, it has some restrictions as far as # of pins and # of parts. It is fairly easy to use if you have some working knowledge of PCB layout and design. I usually map a basic design on a 10 x 10 grid paper before starting it on the computer. Yes, sometimes parts and traces get moved around but at least I go into a project with some idea of where everything needs to be placed. I have a T-Tech milling system that makes my circuit boards by routing the traces out of the copper clad boards.The Mentor Graphics software provides the formats needed to interface with the T-Tech milling system software that I use.
    Hope that this helps.
    How sophisticated are the boards that you need? Can you keep the design on a single-sided board?
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    It's not advanced.

    What I need is:
    Powersupply 230VAC input
    Primary and secondary fuse for powersupply
    Stamp ( BS2SX-IC )
    Regulated voltage for Stamp ( can i use a LM7805 for this ?)
    Regulated voltage for GSM-Modem ( can i use a LM7809 for this ?)
    2 9-pin D-sub (1 for programming and 1 for the modem)
    8 optocouplers for indput signals to stamp. ( OT: Is it possible to find an optocoupler that doesn't care aobut input voltage 24/230VAC or 24vdc)
    4 relays for output coil 5vdc contact 230VAC 4A ( do I need a transistor between output from stamp and the coil ?)
    2 or 3 LEDS

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