How can I 'Ignore' another user in the PM system?

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Some guy in India is asking me to talk to him about programming CPUs on Yahoo or MSN messenger, but never bothers to read (or understand) my reply that I don't HAVE any messenger programs.

I would like to block his messages from reaching me, but...
The only 'Ignore' list available seems to require that I use an 'ignore' button on a message in the forum, but he doesn't have any messages there.

No, I don't have any problems with him being from India, or even his spelling/grammar, and would love to discuss programming, but when he just ignores my responses...


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    ·I don't have any messanger service either.· I don't like the interrupts for one.· And for two, I usually need to really re-read what I write to be sure that I am answering correctly and in a socially acceptible fashion.

    With all that, I still put my foot in my mouth and make typos.

    What's the rush to get out the door.

    G. Herzog in Taiwan
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