Using the Propeller as a VU Meter?

I am wanting to use the Propeller as an LED driver chip for a VU meter project. I tried to use an LM3914N, but due to my desired display, changing my LED's or my display is just NOT possible due to making a TV screen prop. I already tried designing a schematic to do this, not possible to make the display, at least using only one PCB. The LED's are Common Cathode, so I need to drive them using a 5v+ source, 18 diodes, and 18 resistors, and not using a chip that grounds them. I figured that i can use the Propeller since i can separate my power supply pins into the 2 separate sets I need for my display. In the meantime, i am going to try and make a PCB design that uses a stacked design.


  • Ok, could you post a basic schematic. And elaborate on the tv display.
  • Simplest hardware wise would be to multiplex the leds by connecting them as 3 groups of 6 leds and use 1 octal low side driver and one octal high side driver.
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